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Guest Blog - My cult is strength.

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 This is a guest blog written by Forrest Scott of CrossFit Stoney Creek in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  We are both incredibly proud of the changes Forrest has made over the past three months since joining a CF box.  It has been a privilege to be a part of his journey from the beginning, and watch him transform into a confident, strong, enthusiastic athlete.


The day I joined a cult, and lived to blog about it.

You’ve got me. I’m part of a cult. I drink the Kool-Aid. So what? You see, my Kool-Aid doesn’t involve some evangelical leader, unless you count watching affiliate videos on YouTube a religion, but what it does involve is community.

It’s all about community.

Land of Beer and Honey

I’m relatively new to CrossFit. Four days short of two months, to be exact. I’ll spare you the to-the-second number.

Throughout my youth, my parents encouraged me to get involved in sport and stay active. My dad coached me in everything he could, and hockey and baseball quickly became the cornerstone of many Saturday morning trips, weekend long tournaments and discussion. 

Fast forward ten years and I found myself in university. Ah, the land of milk and hone - wait – beer. Beer. And fast food. And debauchery. It’s all related. Without getting into too much detail, my once devotion to sport quickly faded.

In my youth, just prior to my university endeavors, I wasn’t a healthy kid. When I was thirteen, I was diagnosed with quite a disconcerting autoimmune ailment. I’d lose weight, have no energy and what I had once built up strength-wise, quickly depleted. My health improved over the years, but my devotion to sport declined. My self-esteem was damaged by my body’s inability to handle what was thrown at it. Sport was unattainable. “Getting by” was my main focus.

Two years ago, my old friend, aforementioned illness, decided to come knocking. Sixty-five pounds lost. No muscle. No drive and four months off work. I was broken, but there was hope.

What the F*** is CrossFit?

This is a family blog, I know. No, but really, that’s what I thought. It’s like p90x, right? The last thing I wanted to do was jumping jacks while watching some collagen-injected dude working out to dub step with a bunch of meatheads.

Then you hit thirty. You quickly realize that your body, depending on its mood, decides what the hell to throw at you based on the Zodiac. If only it was that simple.

Turning thirty was almost like waking up drunk on a gravel road. A rock is stuck to your face. You’re not sure where you are, but you got here magically. Where’s my Tonka Truck. Oh shit, I’m going to be old one day. Things need to change.

Then it happened.

After relentlessly badgering me to join the local box, I finally relented. My sister, Jenna, contacted Lee and Lorna of CrossFit Stoney Creek to set up a time for me to try things out. “OK” I thought, “I’ll go in, do some overhead tricep extensions and bicep curls be done with it.”


Addicted to Snatches

When I first started CrossFit, I weighed in at 185lbs, which is somewhat normal for a guy my height (6’1”). However, according to my sister, I was “skinny fat”. You know, I looked like a two dimensional twig with an African belly. I’ll admit it.

Fast forward two months, and I’ve tacked on 10lbs of muscle, and dropped a significant amount of fat. My cardio is light years ahead of where it was, and the amount of weight I can lift has almost doubled.

CrossFit has changed every fabric of my being. My dreams of getting in shape have evaporated. Getting in shape is attainable - becoming well balanced is the challenge.

The biggest thing that CrossFit has given me, however, is the will to succeed. Each day, I walk into my box, take a look at the board and don’t even think about failing. It may take me no time at all, or I may be the last person, but I get it done. Mentally, I am light years of where I once was.

Young, old, skinny or fat – the thing about CrossFit is that you consciously choose to dedicate yourself to not accepting failure, but instead pushing your own limits beyond what you once deemed unattainable.

I still suck at double unders, my pull ups need work my core has it’s own mind – but hey, things are improving. Each day I walk in and see people working on their weaknesses together.

A community focused on helping to promote healthy living through strength. It kind of is a cult, isn’t it?

My cult is strength.



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