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Where did the idea come from?

Originally, the idea came from our desire to do something special and unique for the CrossFit community.  Being hardcore CrossFitters ourselves, we really wanted to be more involved, locally, with what was going on.  We have attended several CrossFit events over the years:  local box competitions, sponsored events, Regionals, we’ve seen it all.  So we asked ourselves, “If we were going to host, program and organize an event, how would we do it differently?  How could we make an event unique and exciting for everyone involved?”  And this included the competitors, judges and spectators.

It was on this day, that CompWOD was born.   

We mandated that all competitions would have the feel of a WWE wrestling match, and that all the people who would be willing to put their bodies on the line would be treated like rockstars.  We also mandated the “Sexy TV” feel.  It had to be so fun to watch that people, both competitor and spectator, would talk about it for months to come.  I mean, people needed to be at the edge of their seats.  We wanted slick programming and a play-by-play MC, a role Jamie Nugent was born for as he fit this bill perfectly.  From the 3rd Annual “Pizza Helen” to the “BEST of the BEST” Invitational, we feel we’ve hit the mark thus far. 

What is CompWOD's mission?

To give back to the CrossFit community in any way that we can.  Whether through our own hosted competitions, weekend clinics, or posted workouts (WOW’s), we are dedicated to doing whatever we can to help out and provide for the CrossFit community.

CompWOD Clinics & WOW’s (Workout of the Week):  We want to make competitive CrossFit athletes better.  Period.  We provide challenging, elite-level programming for competitive CrossFit athletes through our CompWOD Clinics and our WOW’s (Workout of the Week), posted on  We have developed a knack for competition-style WOD’s, designed to push and challenge competitive CrossFit athletes to be their very best.  However, this is not to say that only an elite level athlete should attempt our WOW’s - everybody should try them!  We are determined at making competitive CrossFittter’s of ALL ability levels better athletes. 

CompWOD Competitions:  For example, take our upcoming CompWOD Tag-Team Invitational & “Not So Average” Jane & Joe Open April 14 & 15th.  We will be hosting an RX’d comp Saturday, followed by a non-RX’d comp on the Sunday.  The only real difference between the two is that Sunday’s competition will not feature any elite gymnastics – muscle-ups, handstand pushups, rope climbs, etc.  So, every competitor will be challenged within his or her own limitations, while being able to perform all movements.  Any CrossFit workout can be a challenge, no matter what the ability level! 

How does each of your personal background’s come into play with the business side of CompWOD?

We are all very passionate about CrossFit.  We live and breathe it; the community, and the sport in general. 

Kevin Fraser has been an active CrossFitter for over 4 years and at a very early time was known for coming up with creative workouts for his fellow peers.   A big advocate of the “Team WOD”, Kevin’s dedication to event planning and programming has always been a strength.  To this day, his work with WODdiet’s programming and structure has been one of the major factors of its success.  His marketing and vision is a large reason we are where we are today.   

Andrij Kotowych, aka“The Drij”, is one of the most like-able characters in the CrossFit community, largely due to his humble “athlete first” nature, he was a natural to be our Director of Talent Relations.  A Level 1 trainer at CrossFit Select, he is no slouch at programming either (“Wake Up Call” was largely his creation), as Drij always sees things from an athletes perspective.

Jamie Nugent is… well, he’s Jamie.  He is largely the visionary behind CompWOD.  An extremely passionate coach, Jamie dedicates time to help competitors get better at competitions.    A logical and “games ready” approach to programming has be well received by people who frequent the weekend CompWOD classes.  Further to this, Jamie worked for MuscleTech and Iovate were he hosted, planned and MC’d several large-scale bodybuilding and figure competitions, as well as helping bodybuilders and figure contestants with their diet and training.

Tate Postnikoff, aka “The Stig”, has been CrossFitting for nearly a millennium, and has had the privilege to get Rhabdo not once, but twice.  Sporting some serious numbers in all the benchmark WOD’s, Tate is CrossFit, inside and out.  Tate’s business background has him working abroad in California, while dedicating time to the CompWOD business model.  His dedication to brand growth and awareness has helped us develop our vision for the future.

What are your goals for the future of CompWOD?

We’re on tap, and in partnership with SweatRX to program the Canadian CrossFit Championships this summer, which is a big deal for us!  We are extremely honoured and privileged to be a part of this VERY exciting event (details coming soon!).  As well, we plan on hosting 3-4 events per year in the GTA, including the 2nd Annual “BEST of the BEST” Invitational this fall, and the 4th Annual “Pizza Helen” later this summer.  We are also looking out west to our good friend Jason Cain to perhaps host an event at Reebok CrossFit 306 in good ole Saskatoon! 

We also plan on supporting other events in the community and offering help wherever we can.  Whether is be through judging, promoting, or straight up marketing, we are happy to lend a helping hand.  Jamie will be MC’ing the “Limitless” Master’s Competition Saturday, March 31st at CrossFit Select, the first event of it’s kind in Ontario!  So we’re pumped to have CompWOD in the house.  And we’ve played around with the idea of hosting a “Canadian/American Border Throwdown”, and even an “Ontario/Quebec Throwdown” with the Firebreathers out east.  How cool would that be?!

For the long-term future, we envision a Canadian version of Team Rogue or Team Again Faster.  Canada really doesn’t have the representation that certain athletes and boxes in the U.S. have.  Ontario alone has some of Canada’s elite CrossFit talents and with new athletes emerging all the time, why not think big?  The support from the community thus far has exceeded our expectations.  If it weren’t for their support we wouldn’t be where we are today, and that’s a fact.  

We truly love doing what we do, and that’s supporting our friends and colleagues in the CrossFit community.   

What has been the most rewarding thing since launching CompWOD?    What has been the most Challenging?

To this date, the most rewarding accomplishment has been “The BEST of the BEST” Invitational by a long shot.  We planned to have it on a day when CrossFit HQ was in town for the Level 1 Certification.  So when they actually agreed to come and not only attend, but also judge?  We were ecstatic!  It felt like a home-run.  To watch Dave Lipson “NO REP” Lacey Van Der Marel - I think it was at this moment when we knew, “Ok, this is pretty f*cking cool”. 

“Is this some kind of Fight Club?” – James Hobart 

To have them message us afterwards talking about all the WODs and how exciting the whole event was, was very rewarding and humbling to us.  And the final WOD between Kristine Andali and Elma Ducic was absolutely electrifying in a last-woman standing match.

The biggest challenge?  Hmm…. Trying to get 4 different people, all with very different ideas and suggestions, to finally come to the conclusion on what the 5 WODs were going to be for the “BEST of the BEST”.  I think moving forward we’ll all be on the same page when it comes to programming, as long as it is fun, sexy TV!  So expect some exciting and creative programming for the upcoming Tag-Team Invitational & “Not So Average” Jane & Joe Open!  April 14th and 15th at CrossFit Cordis - we can’t wait! 

We truly test every WOD we create to ensure its feasibility.  We will never have people standing around for long.  

Do you plan on taking CompWOD outside of Ontario?

Absolutely!  Without hesitation, I can see us on a travelling road show type of gig all across Canada.   This is our goal.  



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