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ReEvolve Advocate: Adam Boissiere

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- L1 Certified, CrossFitting for 3 years, trains at Transition CrossFit
Do you play any other sports? I played CIS Rugby at York University, and Club Rugby with the Oakville Crusaders. CrossFit is my sport now. 
List 3 goals (personal or fitness) for the next year:
1. Grow my business and make my part time job my full time job 
2. Snatch 200+, Clean 300+, Back Squat 400+, Deadlift 500+, Sub 3 min Fran
3. Introduce more youth to Crossfit (Big Brothers or Big Sisters groups)
What do you want to be remembered for/what effect will you have on this world?
I hope to be remembered as someone who was a good son, brother and friend. Someone who was passionate about life and fitness/health and trying to spread that message not just through my words but by living those actions on a day to day basis. And hopefully by passing on that positive energy encourage others to do the same. 
Why are you interested in becoming a ReEvolve Advocate?
I have been a supporter of the brand for a while now and initially was drawn to it because of the clothing and its functionality for CrossFit. After meeting Jake and Jenna and seeing how passionate and hard working they are about the brand (as well as by trying to give back to their community through charity), I learned that it was more for them than just developing clothing, but instead about developing a lifestyle and culture that is aligned with a lot of the things that I try to live by and believe in. 
What is your favourite piece of ReEvolve clothing? 
ReEvolve Unrivaled WOD shorts 
How does the ReEvolve mantra speak/appeal to you? 
I found CrossFit 3 years ago, looking for something to improve my fitness, although I found that I also found something I wasn't looking for but very much welcomed. I found and was embraced by a community who are interested in becoming fit by pushing themselves everyday to be better than the day before. I went from a curious prospect, to a Crossfit athlete, Crossfit Coach and now box owner. Finding CrossFit, as cliche as it may sound completely changed my life, it gave me direction, focus, and married my passion of fitness and health with a lifestyle that I hope to turn into a long career. I feel that is what ReEvolve is also about, its about combining that passion for life and fitness and pushing ourselves and our community around us to become better as well and take that journey with us. 
What charity do we need to donate to, and why?
Since its inception I have always been a supporter of Right to Play. I feel that one of the biggest problems today is that to many kids are becoming used to a sedentary life where video games, iPads, and television are distracting from what I used to enjoy as a kid - playing sports with friends after school until the sun went down. The fact that Right to Play uses sport to teach  life lessons and empower children through fitness has always been a big reason I love their charity and mission. Any other local charities that involve or empower youth (i.e. Fortis Vitam) I will always be a strong supporter of. 
What's your Fran time?


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