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ReEvolve Advocate: Kevin Bowles

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-Certifications: CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Movement and Mobility, CrossFit Gymnastics, Hani Kanama Weightlifting seminar; CrossFitting for 6 years, trains at CrossFit Oshawa


Do you play any other sports? If so, which ones?


List 3 goals for the next year (personal or fitness):
1. Make the Wanderer's 1st's team (Rugby) 
2. Place top 5 at regionals
3. Snatch 240#


What do you want to be remembered for/what effect will you have on this world?
I want to be remembered period. In the movie "Troy" there's a scene where Achilles is talking to his psychic mother who tells him if stays home from war he will live a happy prosperous life and die of old age, but his name will be forgotten. However, if he goes into battle, he will not return home as he will die fighting, but his name would be remembered forever in history books. The next scene is him on a ship on his way to fight in the Trojan war, no questions asked. The effect I would love to be able to have on the people I come into contact with is inspiration. I would love to be a person who inspires others (that's what I try to do when I coach at my gym) with all the negativity and laziness in the world we need inspirational people.


If money wasn’t an option, what would you do for 24 hours?
Same thing I do everyday 


Why are you interested in becoming a ReEvolve Advocate?
Because I have had the opportunity to meet you guys (Jenna and Jake), become friends with you, and I love to support what you guys do. I try to never buy anything from corporations, I support local/small business whenever possible and you guys are doing something that I would like to be a part of.


What is your favourite piece of ReEvolve clothing you own?
I like the short shorts and the Canada T-shirt!


How does the ReEvolve mantra speak/appeal to you?
"Community is a safe haven where we all find success and inspiration.INSPIRE others."

-I feel like the ReEvolve mantra and my own personal mantra coincide very nicely.


What’s your Fran time? 


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