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ReEvolve Advocate: Forrest Scott

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- CrossFitting for 1.5 years, trains at CrossFit StoneyCreek


Do you play any other sports? If so, which ones? 
I played hockey and baseball for years, but CrossFit is my only "sport" at the moment. If I had more time, I'd love to get back on my skates.


List 3 goals for the next year (personal or fitness): 
1. Get my little boy into CrossFit (how young is too young, anyway?) 
2. Snatch over 200
3. C&J 275.


What do you want to be remembered for/what effect will you have on this world? 
I want people to think of me as a good person that put people first. I don't care about being the richest guy, but I want rich memories with my friends and family.


What else do you do for fun (dance, write, travel, etc. Be specific!)? 
I have a little guy at home, so all my fun is in the time I spend with him. Watching him grow and piece things together is a pretty amazing experience.


Why are you interested in becoming a ReEvolve Advocate? 
I think you guys are the CrossFit apparel brand in Canada, and I love what you bring to the community. Your gear is the highest of quality, and your customer service is amazing. I do what I can to push you guys wherever I go. But you knew that!


What is your favourite piece of ReEvolve clothing you own? 
Classic WOD shorts and the BRAWN Bag, of course - I carry it everywhere with me.


How does the ReEvolve mantra speak/appeal to you?
I was pretty sick a few years back, so the ReEvolve mantra speaks volumes to me. I went from being a sick and pretty weak person, to someone intent on living a life with a strong body and mind. You guys are about both of those things.


What charity do we need to donate to? Why? 
Crohns and Colitis foundation. A lot of people with those illnesses don't realize the benefit of diet and exercise. I think you guys evangelize both.


Do you partake in CrossFit Competitions? 
Once! I will again soon. A few are on my radar.


What’s your Fran time? 
4:00-ish. When I started it was 17 minutes? 


Please list any other education and certifications: 
I have a BA in English from the University of Western Ontario, a post-graduate diploma in Technical Writing from Fanshawe College, and I'm the Technical Writing Team Lead for a Process Simulation division of the company I work for, Invensys Operations Management.



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