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ReEvolve Advocate: Brian Dickie

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Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, Level 1 Rowing, Level 1 Skiing, Level 1 Gymnastics
-CrossFitting for 10 years, trains at CrossFit CPHS (a non-for-profit program at the school where Brian teaches)
Do you play any other sports? 
As a PE teacher, I play all sports in addition to cycling, paddling, and skiing.
List 3 goals (personal or fitness) for the next year:
1. continue to improve the CrossFit CPHS program at my high school
2. continue to widen the CrossFit presence in my Board's high school programs
3. continue the outreach to the community through our adult non-profit CrossFit classes (and run some charity throwdowns)
What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered as a caring husband, father, grandfather, brother, teacher, coach and citizen. I hope that I can pass on to my children, students, and friends the kindness and charity of  which I have been given much. I want poeple to know that they are valued.

What else do you do for fun? 
I hang with my six children and grandson. We eat, play, work and laugh together. We love to travel. I am blessed with an exceptional circle of friends who like to whitewater paddle in the wilderness.

Why are you interested in becoming a ReEvolve Advocate?
I believe that I can represent the values of the ReEvolve mission. As a PE teacher, Outdoor Educator and CrossFit gym leader, I feel that I have the responsibility and opportunity to be a positive and informed agent for sustainable change. I am so very impressed that there are young people who are taking such intelligent steps towards a more sensible future.
What is your favourite piece of ReEvolve clothing? 
My charcoal gray CrossFit CPHS ReEvolve hoody!

How does the ReEvolve mantra speak to you?
I have always believed and taught that we are stewards. We have been given much, but we have to ensure that while we utilize the natural world around us, we must do so sustainably. ReEvolve seems concerned with wise use. It appears to be driven by a need to give back (or paying it forward). It seems genuine - something anathema to "corporate".

What charity do we need to donate to?
I believe that any charity benefiting children is of great value as they are our greatest agents of change. Naturally, taking care of the homeless and assisting sustainable industry are other smart directions to send resources. In my school board, I am going to run an event for Champions for Kids (The Upper Canada District School Board’s Champions for Kids Foundation is a charity formed in January 2008 to help level the playing field for children of struggling families. It gives them a helping hand to meet their children’s medical needs and allow their kids to participate in sporting events, the arts, and other fun activities outside of school hours).
What's your Fran time? 
3:48 is my best time


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