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ReEvolve Advocate: Mark Williams

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L1 Certified, CrossFitting for 3 years, trains at Outlaw North

Do you play any other sports?
Trampoline Dodgeball from time to time! Growing up I played hockey and was a gymnast for 10 years. I also played on the Canadian pro circuit in competitive paintball for 5 years.

List 3 goals (personal or fitness) for the next year:
1) Podium finishes for Ontario Weightlifting competitions
2) Top 5 @ Canadian Weightlifting Nationals 2014 in the 69kg category.
3) Continue to grow as a Massage Therapist within the Crossfit/Weightlifting community

What do you want to be remembered for/what effect will you have on this world?
I want to be remembered that I was a leader by example and not someone who said things that never followed through with them. Also I hope to have had a positive impact on the people I surrounded myself with when I was here! As long as I made peoples lives better through laughter or compassion, I am happy.
If you could book a flight anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
Right now.... Direct flight to the Chinese weightlifting hall.
Why are you interested in becoming a ReEvolve Advocate?
ReEvolve's success throughout the CrossFit community amazes me, and I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses. I would like to help ReEvolve branch out into the weightlifting community to spread the name even further!

What is your favourite piece of ReEvolve clothing? 
The ReEvolve Canada Tee for sure - or our red V-Neck Outlaw North Tee's designed by you guys.

How does the ReEvolve mantra speak/appeal to you? 
I have been thrown down a lot in my life but no matter how hard it's been, I have always found a way to get back up and succeed. The mantra speaks to me in just that way; never to give up, achieve what you makes you happy in life. Just like Arnold once put it "Don't be afraid to fail, you can't always win but don't be afraid of making decisions." I feel like people tend to get caught up with trying to please others and not pleasing themselves. Take action, make it happen.

What charity do we need to donate to, and why?
Regardless of what has recently happened with Lance Armstrong and Livestrong, I am a firm believer in the Livestrong brand. Years ago we lost a family member to stage 4 brain cancer and since then we have all been supporters of this organization. They have raised millions of dollars for cancer research and have changed the lives of countless families, including mine.

Do you partake in CrossFit competitions?
Not anymore. I retired at the age of 23 to see where weightlifting can take me! I could not be more excited.

What's your Fran time?
2:32 as a "board-shorter"
"Was on pace for 2:10", Jay Rhodes.

Mark is a Registered Massage Therapist with the College Of Massage Therapists of Ontario.


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