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ReEvolve Advocate: Andi Sadowski

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- CrossFitting for 3 years, trains at CrossFit Waterloo

Do you play any other sports? If so, which ones? 
Just Crossfit :) I played soccer since I was 5, and was on my University soccer team.

List 3 goals for the next year (personal or fitness): 
-To participate in the best of the best competition (Comp wod)
-Top 15 Can East 2014 regionals
-Snatch 150

What do you want to be remembered for/what effect will you have on this world? 
I had a very close relationship with my father who just recently passed away. Our quote was "Everything works out in the end if it doesn't its not the end." My dad taught me to live life to the fullest and to not sweat the big or little things. In life everything happens the way it is supposed to. Don't worry over things you cannot control, but focus on things that you can control. I want to encourage people that anything is possible as long as you believe you can do it. Crossfit is not just something I do, it's a way of life. I want my actions to encourage those around me. 

If you could book a flight anywhere in the world, today, where would it be? 

Why are you interested in becoming a ReEvolve Advocate?
I believe in supporting local businesses. I believe in the ReEvolve products, the company, and everything it stands for - to truly being present, and to live each day and moment to the fullest. I think in life everything needs to be aligned. What you do and say are in harmony.

What is your favourite piece of ReEvolve clothing? 
The Tanks. The "Beastmode" tank, "Drop it like a Squat", and the new green "Limitless" tank.

Do you partake in CrossFit competitions? 
Yes, I love to compete.

What's your Fran time?
4:55 2012 old time!

Andi is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer, a Yoga Teacher (Moksha yoga, Baron Baptiste power flow, Sierra Bender wholistic yoga training), and holds a BA in Sociology and International Development Studies from Dalhousie University


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